Museum is abandoned. Public, cultural spaces are ruled over by tourism, alienated from the natural, daily use. Reasons for Art/Architecture fade away, only left as a monument for its past value. The fast pace of living in the modern society dictates no time to consume and admire art, nature, science, history. Robotics and computing take over artistic field, architecture is calculated, movies are purely made by CGI, music is programmed. Brains loosing funcion of creativity and imagination.

Museum screams to be redesigned, its outdated, its decaying. It cat not be a building or a place anymore. Its has to become a daily function, as basic as parking a car, or brushing your teeth. Consumption of cognitive creativity must grow into a routine for maintaining brain functions.

Museum is taken apart, its exploded throughout the city, throughout the day, creating an interconnected system of interventions, that foster physical interactions. Its THERE. Its NOT a place anymore. Its AIR. The exhibition integrates parts of the city which are necessary, but are neglected and never seen. The alien spaces overtake the funcion of daily use – a bus stop, public toilet, office space, car parking, etc. The museum is not an occasion anymore, its a habit.

Speculative architectural futures research

Nominated Finalist for NON-ARCHITECTURE competition
Team: Karolis Grigaitis, Lukas Kulikauskas, Dominykas Savickas