I've scraped a database of photos made in 1880's by Wilson Bentley, an american meteorologist who pioneered a process of snowflake photography. He captured over 5000 snow crystals, non of them the same.I used over 1000 of his images to explore the spaces in between, to produce even more unseen, and undiscovered crystals.

Latent Crystals came in as manifestation of contemporary digital tools to explore novel ways of interacting with technology.  Latent Crystals is an investigation of what is invisible yet still living. It is what we feel, but are not able to perceive. It is what we think, but are not capable of expressing.

Latent Crystals is here to represent our actively subconscious minds. It looks dysfunctional, disturbed, deformed, nonsensical. It is deceiving. It is inherent.


Royal Danish Academy 2021