’The Commons’ is neighbourhood redevelopment project for a competition, looking at the area of Almere haven. It was design with a small team of architects in temp.architecture studio and was selected as one of the finalists. The aim was, by researching the existing urban structures, systems and routines, judging and assessing them, to activate the local biosphere and introduce collectivity. We were analysing layers of high-quality housing and living environments and combining new concepts for care and sustainability in order to allow older people to live in their neighbourhood in a pleasant manner and to bind young people and families. In view of research into residents’ initiatives we made a model to test multipliers of multifunctional solutions.

project stage: competition

Project developed while working at temp.architecture.
Nonimanted Finalist for ‘Who Cares’ competition.
Personal responsibilities:  initial deign research, design proposal and development, visualising.