The residential care complex offers space for 6 residential groups for people with dementia. The 3-storey building has a horizontal organization: 14 mini-apartments form 2 residential groups on one floor with a shared living room and kitchen. What is special is that the traffic space to these apartments is also “stray space” for the target group: elderly people with dementia. This traffic space is not – as usual – indoors, but on the facade on the garden side. In this way, all residents maintain good contact with the outdoor climate. The building will eventually be converted into regular family homes. In time, with limited interventions, the building can be vertically articulated and divided into 17 single-family homes with their own entrance and garden. The market for geriatric care is unpredictable, the investor in this project wanted a stable future value.

project stage: design study

Project developed while working at temp.architecture
Personal responsibilities:  initial deign research, design proposal and development, rendering.